Data Mashups Tell Stories

We frequently import, export, move, model, shape, and mashup lots of DATA for all the projects we work on. These are just some interesting real-life examples to look at. Hopefully we'll get around to publishing more in the future.

Data Series

The Fabulous Flavonoid Diet

What's really in those fruits and vegetables besides vitamins that may, just maybe help you survive.

Stuff Ghostery Blocks

Ever wondered what websites use to track you? Find details on the Top 100 sites here.

Decade of Change in the USA

Comparing employment, energy, money, and prices from 2003 to 2013. Smells like poo but the charts look great.

Tools of trade

Some of our preferred "tools of the trade" for quickly manipulating and processing data include Microsoft's SQL Server, SQL Data Tools, Office 365, Power BI, Excel Power Query, Azure cloud, our favorite programming tool Visual Studio, Firefox browser, and a host of other utilities. We won't kid you, it takes quite a bit of skill and know-how!