About Us

Mint your data!

Lean Edge Tech specializes in the development of databases, data analytics, business intelligence, and reporting solutions for businesses and organizations leveraging popular enterprise technology stacks. All industries apply.

We work on a variety of projects planning, prototyping, designing, and programming systems, applications, models for data storage, retrieval, and awesome data presentations - all with a strong focus on accuracy, ease of use, great functionality, security, and future self-administration. Our development work is stellar; -) as is our devotion for it to be so.

We support a strong commitment to privacy, security, and ethical standards for all our systems development work. Regarding privacy, sorry you might not find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. We simply prefer to stay super focused on our work, safeguarding our privacy, and avoiding personal data aggregators whenever possible. But if you ask us to meet for coffee to discuss solving a problem, we'll happily oblige. Or if you call us, instead of texting while driving, we'll be glad to listen!

What We're Doing now

Data Intelligence is in super high demand, so our emphasis has been on providing a lot of data integrations (migrating, consolidating, cleansing, and mashing up datasets from different sources) in order to feed Analysis, Visualization, and Performance systems.

Armed with data manipulation skills and great tools, we spend a lot of time wrangling data (SQL and noSQL), designing dashboards, honing metrics, rethinking KPI's, and tweaking BI visualizations and storyboards. We try to think like (STEM) scientists, gathering great ideas from analytical revelations and correlations. Transparency is always at the forefront.

We're glad to be here doing what we love, and lovin' what we do. May you, too, keep the errors low and the privacy high!

Yours truly,