Education Tracker for Windows 8 Education Tracker

Education Tracker for Windows 8 is a fabulous app for keeping track of your Education including degrees, schools, courses and all the extra certifications, training, conferences, and online classes we tack on throughout life. If you don't have a list of all your education in one place, this app's for you!


  • Track schools, colleges, degrees, certifications, training, conferences, internships, and...
  • Track courses, classes and all relevant details, and...
  • Track activities like assignments, homework, tests, projects, videos, lectures, or anything.
  • Entering activities once can cover a range of dates and recurring options.
  • An Activity Timeline dynamically displays activities by day, week, or month.
  • All data is saved in a totally private database on your device.
  • Your data file can be backed up and restored any time.
  • Search all data quickly with the Search Charm.
  • Print lists of your Education, Courses, and Activities.
  • English version supports international dates and times.

Privacy Policy

Education Tracker does not collect, store, or share any app data, personal information, or anything related to your device. No special permissions are required by the app (very private). You control your own data.

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Get the Education Tracker app for free from the Windows Store. No strings attached and no ads! Get the app and let us know if you like it.


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